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Prisoner of Zenda - From The Outside Looking In

Mr. Cardinal update 3/18/21

He has not wanted to "pose" this week! My dear little companion continues to visit. He is my wake up call with his persistent thumping on the window. Last week I was blessed with my dear friend visiting for a few days. She arises much earlier than I do and he would come to the window, somehow know it was not me ...(most likely the voice) and she would say to him "you have to come back, she is not up yet". He would look at her and leave. My computer is right by his visiting window, literally a couple of feet. One morning my friend and I were sharing thoughts and I was sitting on the far side of the kitchen table looking out ... he came to his regular window, thumped away, landed and looked in and moved to the middle window which is mostly blocked by my computer/printer, but I could see him on the sill beneath the computer. When he got no response at that window he moved to the 3rd window where I had a full view of him. I kindly interrupted our conversation to converse with him for a few minutes and it seemed that was all he needed so he left to go about his business.

This dear "red bird friend" brings such comfort to my spirit. It's not easy having to be self motivated everyday when so much is out of order, so many aspects of my life, like many, have been deeply affected by Convid, especially my business. I know my calling is to live and do my work from spirit and this dear friend is a reminder of God's awareness of my heart's needs. Sharing about him brings me great joy and I hope others are inspired by how God provides for us in times of need.

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