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Mr. C Returns

My beloved Mr. "C" has been on hiatus for about the last two weeks. During the course of our 3 years together I've observed that he usually takes time away in August. This year it's early September with just a few visits in late August where his usual antics were replaced by landing on the windowsill making subtle movements of his mouth without sound. I miss him dearly as I believe he is a comforting spirit sent to watch over me.

Yesterday a.m. I said a prayer for a sighting and behold within a few minutes both he and Mrs. "C" were outside close together in the grape vines at the opposite side of the house from his usual window. I seldom see them together so this was a special treat.

I left the kitchen returning a few hours later and there he was in the bush outside "his" window. I spoke to him and he flew off. I feel honored he made his presence known to tell me he's still around. Something changes in his usual pattern, I am not sure what, but I do know my prayers were heard. He is connected to my heart in this time and place and I am most grateful.

May we never take for granted the special gifts that come into our lives. He is such a blessing and I delight when he makes himself known to my friends when visiting me. May the magic of nature uplift you, may your prayers be heard and answered and may peace be yours.

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