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"Happy Thanksgiving"

I wrote to someone dear this a.m. that there are not enough words to say how much I miss family, those here and those who have passed on, especially on holidays. I woke up feeling "negative" and after self observation I could identify the feelings as sadness and grief, which led me to think of all those who hold grief and loss in their hearts, especially the first holiday.

I just want to acknowledge that holidays are not always happy joyous occasions for some and this in no means should diminish the joy of those who have it. So often one can think what is wrong with me.

I pray that if you are sad and feeling grief today you will embrace yourself in those feelings and let them flow. I know God will carry us. It is in faith and trust, joy and sadness I share the words "Happy Thanksgiving". Life is a mixture of all ... grief and sadness should be welcome to the table so we may heal. May peace be yours today.

Written by Diane Kirkup 11/25/2021

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