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God's Grace

Sometimes it's an illusion that all is well, appearances

can show everything bright, colorful and shiny.

Depression is real it brings pain, division, and concern for the future. Often we are unable to share the darker side of

ourselves fearing judgement and further separation

so the face we show is aglow but when the heart is heavy

and the weight becomes too much it takes a toll on our being and becomes a burden.

Some hear us too often and stop listening or want to

offer quick answers to try and make it better rather than

quietly listening with compassion. Sometimes our faith

can be questioned when indeed it's difficult just to hold

positive thoughts. The road can be hard to understand

unless it's been travelled - "without the darkness how would we know and share the light and recognize joy".

Learning to live and accept all aspects of ourselves is

an ongoing process. May faith be your anchor, hope always a spark in your heart and trust in the gift of God's Grace embraced.

"God's Grace" - written by Diane Kirkup 4/5/21

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