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Many of us are worn down and worn out

we have suffered constant change - we have been told

what to do, how to do it and when to do it

there are those who have lost loved ones and not even

been able to be there at the final parting

there has been loss of business and separation of friends

one never knows which way the wind will blow in a certain day

how long, how far, to what extent have lives been touched

some have managed better than others

some have been flexible and swayed more easily

for the elderly, lonely, disabled perhaps it has been the kindness

of friends and strangers that has seen them through

the one constant has been and is the presence of God who

is never changing, always present, there to give direction,

listen and comfort in ways we might not have heard before

perhaps we have learned to see through new eyes,

listened with sharper ears and reached deeper into own souls

to find a part of ourselves we have never met before

may we take the best from the worst and step forth

each day with a new breath to begin again

from a new perspective always with gratitude, there is always

something and someone to be grateful for

"Change" - written by Diane Kirkup 3/12/21

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