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and more on the famous Mr. “C”

My friendship with the well known "Mr. C." is and has been one of great joy over the past two years. So many times he lifted my spirits with his presence. His sweet face at my window a delight to my heart. This recent photo shows what I think are sesame seeds stuck to his beak.

Our friendship has been most unusual. Our conversations with each other insightful and creative. He left for most of August and the day he returned I was overjoyed to see him back. For the past several weeks he was most active at my window flopping into it in his usual calling card way and sometimes just sitting on the windowsill looking in.

Over the past several days his visits are fewer and further between. I did not see him yesterday at all! I remember that at around this time last year he left. I feel a deep sadness over this change knowing his life is calling him elsewhere. I know I have been privileged with his company but saying goodbye is not easy. I tell myself that the sweetness of what was will always hold a center in my heart.

He helped teach me to be grateful for what is in the moment, in the hour and in the day. This wonderful red suited creature of God is a gift of love, spirit to spirit. Never take for granted those you love, tell them today.

And I am happy to report ... after writing this during the night the famous "Mr. C." has made an appearance this am! ... how blessed am I.

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