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What is Red, bRIGHT & siNGS - mR. c OF COURSE

My magical friend is still visiting in between what I think is a busy schedule. I am blessed that he has now shared himself with a few of my friends as they sit and visit with me. Mr. "C" has been coming here for the past few years thumping into the window to make his presence known, sitting on the window sill singing and in the azalea bush outside "his" window.

He has taken to following me to the living room and singing loudly outside that window when he hears me on the phone. This whole experience with him is indeed a very special blessing, one that fills my heart with joy, especially when I get to speak about faith and Mr. "C" ... and how God provides in the most unusual ways.

He is the companionship of my heart. He is pure "joy" and I know how deeply blessed I am by his presence. Thank you God for this "red suited friend".

Photo of Mr. "C" and writing by Diane Kirkup 6/30/22

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