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True Comfort

As I sought to find comfort and peace for my heart these past few days I came across words written to me by a dear departed friend dated 2/5/95.

I keep cards of love and encouragement throughout the house especially to slip under "transporter" containers used for releasing uninvited guests such as spiders. After I drop them out the door I will sit and see who sent the card and read the words. Often the person has passed on and I am comforted by their written presence usually at a time when much needed.

Her words to me were "may you have many moments of leaving the anxieties of the world so as to be in the presence and oneness of God".

Words of great wisdom from so many years ago so applicable to today. God is our true comfort, may we give time to pouring our hearts out to Him in spoken words or written. This I believe is deep healing to help us be more present today.

Written by Diane Kirkup 5.26.2024

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