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I live very close to nature and sometimes it chooses to visit. I keep "transporters" as a good friend calls them throughout the house. Plastic containers, lids and cards from dear friends which I slide underneath the container.

I'm not a fan of spiders but I have learned to cohabit with them. Some are big and it feels like they make themselves known to me having told one another they will be transported outside.

This week I watched a tiny ant struggling to carry a crumb of bread. I did not have the heart to "transport" him as the crumb was much bigger than he was. I envisioned him arriving home with family and friends on the doorstep cheering him on and grateful for the food.

I am learning more and more I am not meant to carry my burdens alone. Christ does that for me and through Him, so many others are on the sidelines cheering me on for which I am ever grateful.

Written by Diane Kirkup 08.19.2023

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