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Just as a butterfly sheds its cocoon and emerges into something new and beautiful how can we release the past, in particular this past year, and step into 2021 with hope, newness and anticipation of good.

Nature created by God is a wonderful teacher. A butterfly is the embodiment of growth and transcendence. It is called to set everything that was once known aside and to embrace an entire new way of being. If we could see ourselves as butterflies with spiritual rebirth with endless potential, vibrant joy, creativity and anticipate the wonder of life can we take the lessons of this past year and apply them as we step into this new year.

I know these are bright and positive words to write and I also know firsthand it’s not that easy. This past year for many, including myself, had obstacles I never thought I would face and many life challenges all at one time. It took discipline to sit myself in what I call my “prayer chair” and quietly find my focus with God to the very best of my ability and surrender everything I have including myself. A lot of deep breaths. A lot of help from many friends and even strangers. A lot of self introspection and patience with myself and others. I would pray for wisdom most every day on how to proceed and the courage to ask for help when I could not do it alone.

Can we take the lessons that were tough and see them as gifts on how we want this new year to unfold for us. In the midst of all the pain, loss and hardships there was a great deal of good. I pray that each and every soul can grasp the lessons of life taught by the challenges and with courage and boldness enter into a new phase of life making 2021 a year of newness having shed that which no longer belongs. Wishing everyone all of God’s blessings of health, peace and joy for 2021.

“Transformation” - written by Diane Kirkup 12/30/20

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