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Some of life's hardest lessons are letting go of old patterns of behavior that no longer fit who we are. We may have carried them like heavy sacks of potatoes until conscious awareness awakens us to recognize we no longer have to do that. We can set them down and walk away and allow new thoughts to take form.

God will and does give us the strength to change and release. Growing in spirit is to change and to live is to grow, especially in the times we all have been living through.

Surrender is an easy word to say, harder to do and often it happens in stages.

May you have courage to shed the old, let go and hand over to God all that no longer belongs and move forward with grace and dignity in who God made you to be. Nature is a perfect example of how it moves in cycles each leaf, each flower is a new beginning reaching for light to speed it on its way.

Written by Diane Kirkup 11.26.22

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