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The Winds Of Time

Sometimes the intensity of the wind can be a reminder

of how fragile we are - it blows and shifts whatever can

be moved in its path. It commands the moment as a

reminder of its strength. Trees bend and bow - waves

in summer dance on the lake and sparkle like jewels

and in winter snows blow and shift like desert sands.

As the winds of changing times and circumstances swirl

all around us may they not blow you over but find you rooted

and grounded with strength, yet flexible, knowing that

as you walk in faith, peace is stabilizing you. God our Creator is the steadfast root of your being and all is unfolding in perfect order for your highest good. You will return to your center focused on the one who loves you knowing this very breath is a divine gift.

"The Winds Of Time" - written by Diane Kirkup 3/4/21

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