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The Parting

How do I part from you, how do I part from the part of myself that

walked with you daily. How do I say goodbye to the dancing, singing, laughter and walking through golden meadows together.

How do I find myself in a new state of being alone, lonely with an

emptiness that feels it will never be filled again. How do I lay my head on my pillow at night and not feel you beside me or hear

your voice even from a distance and weep until dawn's early light.

How do I go about the everyday movements of life necessary to keep living. Right now I have no answers. I can only try to find

the part of my heart that is grateful for the presence you filled in it and trust that with memories prompting me I will find the courage to live life in a new state of being with you in spirit beside me.

"The Parting" written by Diane Kirkup 26/21/21

We all experience loss, loss of loved ones, loss of relationships, loss of our beloved pets ... for me, the answer has always come from God - His Love that sustains me. As a human soul I feel the pain, we all do ... I wrote from my heart this a.m. knowing loss arises to the surface of my being from my past and is in my present and will definitely manifest again in the future. May you find peace within your losses and rest in the arms of those still here loving you.

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