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The magical, mystical, magnificent "Mr C"

Well I could not resist sharing this photo of the famous, fabulous, magical "Mr. C" .... he came and posed for the longest time this am. I got many photos but this one stands out. Who could not fall in love! He sang to me and chattered and flopped and thumped the window. How blessed am I. I think he will be on greeting cards!

Written 3/30/22

These are more of the photos I was able to take of Mr. "C" today. I have never seen him sit still in one place so long. It's like he was asking to have his picture taken. I am privileged to share him, why he has chosen to visit me all these years I don't know. I do know this, he uplifts my spirits every time I hear him at the window or see him. He started tapping on the window about 6 am this morning and ended at deep dusk. The magical, mystical, magnificent "Mr C". I am not at all trained with a camera, it's on automatic and I shoot, I did use the telephoto lens on these photos but he is literally about 4 feet away in the bush and when he's on the window sill about 3 feet. We look eye to eye with one another. I think it's heart to heart with one another.

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