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The Jagged Edge - Floating Free

Another artist, someone near and dear to me, sent me a photo of her latest painting asking me for suggestions to name it for an upcoming show. I studied it and the name "Floating Free" came to mind. I shared this back to her. The circumstances of her life are more than full and very challenging right now and this am she wrote me saying I feel like the painting should be called "The Jagged Edge" a complete opposite to "Floating Free" which got me to thinking that perhaps it could be called "The Jagged Edge - Floating Free". I wrote her the following. "The Jagged Edge" is a complete opposite because these are the times we are living in. The question is how do we live with both and walk through them with an open compassionate heart with respect and love for one another. Life is both jagged and gentle at the same time. One does not have to choose because both are realities. I shared that I thought many might relate to her painting and title more than she might think. We are living in a false world if we think everything is peachy and rosy all the time when it's not ... can we find the ability to "float free" in the midst of the jagged edges. I believe it is possible. I went on to share that she does it everyday with her kindness especially to me as we sit on opposite sides of the fence ... love is the binder and the bridge ... she does it every time she finds a feather believing it's an angel or sees joy in the birds she loves to feed and much else in the midst of the pain she is navigating through. May we honor both the "Jagged Edges and Float Free" at the same time. Life is a gift, treasure both the good and difficult, they are both teachers each with their own lessons and value. The photo is a piece of my art ... not hers ... I would not post her work without her approval. I felt this painting had "jagged edges" but held beauty. Written by Diane Kirkup

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