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Take the Hands of Loved Ones

A few weeks back I lost a wonderful friend who was my sales representative to stores for over 20 years. She not only spoke on behalf of my jewelry in public but she was a very dear close friend and confidant. I not only lost my friend, I lost a good part of my business and two weeks later I lost my car/independence.

I am so glad I had the opportunity to share with her a reflection of her love and kindness to me in the last email I wrote to her. Her death was sudden and unexpected. May we affirm to those we love what they mean to us, how they have added grace and love to our lives and always try our best to speak to one another with love, kindness, respect and honesty. May we leave nothing to chance with words unspoken. If we have differences that cannot be reconciled may we learn to rise above and love from a distance with prayers of well being for their highest good knowing God has our highest good as His plan.

May we take the hands of loved ones look in their eyes and tell them they are loved and appreciated and may we embrace ourselves as we grieve a loss of ourselves that comes with deep change.

... Written by Diane Kirkup 11.13.2023

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