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Some words are so easily spoken but the action of them can be hard. This is the case, I believe, with surrender. Surrender to me is a process that I have had to look at and try to implement over and over again. I am learning that each time I let go and surrender a little more I tend to break patterns and habits that may have long been with me.

For example it's not easy when we've been taught the more you do the better you are and the more you own the more successful you are. Sometimes the less you do but doing it with great intent the better off you are and along with earning and owning more comes a great deal of responsibility.

Indeed it's hard to hand over every area of your life to God. Usually it does not happen all at once but in stages. Each time we let go we learn a little more about ourselves. May we lay our cares, burdens and issues before God. He cares for us and is guiding us to our highest good and may we find patience with ourselves as we surrender to God what is too much for our hearts to carry.

Written by Diane Kirkup 2/17/22

Photo courtesy of Flower Power

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