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As the days of my life wind down and I reflect over the years

have I made peace with all and said words that were important

to be shared with those who accompanied me along the way.

Have I lived to the best of my ability, loved to my highest capacity, shared with an open heart and allowed myself

to cry with a broken spirit that gets mended over and over again

through God's Grace. Have I done my best where I could and

forgiven myself where I could not. Have I seen the sunrises and

sunsets and found joy in the simple pleasures of life not

mourning what I did not do but being grateful for what I could do. Life moves in circles we are born, live and die in the fullness

of that circle. Have I filled the space within it and lived with

bright colors that perhaps will last in another's heart until passed from memory to memory.

"Reflection" written by Diane Kirkup 10/2/21

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