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Peeling Back The Layers

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

I've come and gone from this painting for months. Layers and layers of paint. Deep and sculpture textures not able to be captured in a photo. I knew not too long into it the name would be called "Peeling Back The Layers".

I kept looking to see an image, color, balance, something and finally yesterday the colors were there and my heart said this might be finished. It's not only got depth, it is iridescent which again I can't capture in a photo.

In looking at the photos of close up sections I have now seen a bird, a heart and an angel ... all not planned or painted intentionally. For years I have felt my art was the truest gift God gave me. On my birthday in 86 I painted a larger canvas and it was not until I brought it out of the studio that I saw a woman on her hands and knees praying.

I share this because we are all works of "God's"art in process, can we find the courage to peel back the layers if necessary to help us live more fully in the presence of God and ourselves today. This is how, I believe, we help bring peace into our world and the world.

Written by Diane Kirkup 1.31.2022

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