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The colors of this pansy called my heart to focus on the center. I realized after I looked closely there was to my eye a heart! ... These were a gift from a longtime dear friend. They took the space in a place where a week ago I gifted the item that sat there.

Throughout the week I would look at the empty space and wonder what I could place there and then the pansies appeared as a surprise gift. They truly were a gift of love, one flower pours forth such beauty.

God can fill the empty spaces in our life in His timing with something beautiful to replace what we gave, let go of or what may have been taken away. He also can touch losses and spaces so deep only He can reach them.

May we allow love to flow through us with open arms and hearts and help fill empty spaces. May we also be aware of opportunities to do so.

Written by Diane Kirkup 04.19.2024

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