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My Beloved Mr. C

My beloved Mr. "C" has once again been missing in action. I am sure he is busy nesting and creating a family with the wife. I hear his song out there and somehow my heart knows he will be back to his usual antics at my window. Yesterday while doing the dishes looking out the window over the sink I saw him! This was the opposite side of the kitchen from his usual visiting place. I started talking to him in my Mr. "C" voice. Not sure if he heard me, he seemed quite occupied gathering whatever it was he was picking up from the ground.

A few minutes later I came to the computer which is by his window and he landed on the window sill, looked in at me and left. I think it was a courtesy call saying "I heard you, I am still here, I am watching over you, do not worry, you are being cared for".

Oh how my soul needed that little drop by! Nature has a way of bringing peace into my heart through this magical bird. This was a blessing of pure joy and I am most grateful. I sense he will be stopping by on a regular basis once again. This will be the third year in a row of his visits.

Written by Diane Kirkup 3/26/22

AND PS ...

I AM ADDING A PS (having written the above yesteday)... HE IS BACK IN FULL FORCE THUMPING INTO THE WINDOW, SITTING ON THE SILL, SINGING THE MOST WONDERFUL SONG. ... Thank you God for his coming and going ... pure joy! We are back in conversation mode!

Written by Diane Kirkup 3/27/22

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