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This past summer I did some clearing out and came across a box of photos that have taken me down memory lane.

My dear beloved "Cousin Wanda" whom I miss dearly. Growing up with her close in presence gave me many memories. She was a terror, she would hide in the rafters and scare me at the cottage we had on a lake in Ontario where most of my childhood was spent and her's also. Our parents said they could hear us screaming out on the lake while they were fishing.

We always lived close to one another whether it was in the city or at the lake. One time we found baby bird nests over the V on the doorway entrance into our cottages. We decided it would be great to take them home to Toronto so we neatly packed a suitcase with them right in their nests. Mother and Auntie Jean came by and asked "what's in the suitcase" "oh nothing, we replied". They were horrified to see several bird nests with birds intact packed and ready for an adventure to the big city. They were gently placed back over the doors.

And then there was the "frog collection". Tubs of frogs - who had the most and who had the biggest. She would scream "mine are MINE ARE".

The best was in the city where several times deliveries from the local pharmacy would arrive at our door with a boy on a bike! Mother would answer the door and tell the poor delivery boy we did not order these. I could just see Cousin Wanda howling from the house across the street where she lived.

Precious golden memories how they warm our hearts and bring tears to our eyes. I thank you God for "Cousin Wanda". For all of us with family memories they are such special gifts, may we cherish and hold close those who touch our hearts today in wondrous ways.

Written by Diane Kirkup 2.9.23

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