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He's Back

He's back, he's vibrant and he is singing up a storm. Last year Mr. Cardinal started thumping on my window, sitting on my windowsill and eventually followed me to various rooms in the house! He started visiting at the beginning of Covid and left late fall, I was sad but respectful of his calling to wherever he had to go.

I said a prayer Christmas a.m. asking for a sign of him as my wished Christmas gift and within minutes a red cardinal flew into the bush outside my window. Indeed that was a Christmas gift of the rarest kind. God is faithful.

I believe this little spirit is a gift to me offering companionship just when I desperately need a boost. We converse with each other in our own language. This is pure joy!

He visited yesterday and this a.m. I awoke to the familiar thumping on the window and a very beautiful song. It is a special way to start the day indeed. It is not food he is coming for what little I put out this winter is gone.

And so for however long for whatever reason nature has brought me this gift and my heart is very grateful ... thank you God for meeting my needs in such a loving way.

Written by Diane Kirkup 4/11/21

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