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Fear Not

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Fear can sneak up on you without your awareness

it can cloud the decisions we are called to make -

should I do this/should I do that ... fear, doubt and confusion

trouble our minds - I've tried my best - I've signed on the

dotted line - I've tried not to be late - I've tried and I've tried

and I have tried. Sometimes I am forced to stop and truly

take stock of my life, feelings and to realign my thinking.

Suddenly it comes back to me the words of Christ

"not my will but your's Oh God". Do we really know how to

surrender, to live and trust God in the moment

and let go of all that does not belong and is negative.

May we all find a deeper sense of peace and wisdom in

these challenging times. Peace be yours.

"Fear Not" written by Diane Kirkup written 5/13/21

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