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Beloved Mr. C

This wonderful photo of "not my Mr. "C" came across my timeline and I could not help but write about my beloved Mr. "C" whom I have not seen since early Nov.

The past several weeks have been more stressful than is healthy for me. To recognize that and know you are missing the joys of life no matter what form they come in I think is huge. Mr. "C" was absolutely a huge "joy" for my spirit - and he still may be. I always felt as though he was an angel watching over me since the beginning of Covid, a special companion. He brought out my sense of humor and conversation with him was delightful.

I cannot pray for him to return although my heart wants to see him. Life moves on and calls us and nature to different places. Maybe the greatest gift he gave me was the knowledge he does not belong to me, he has his own calling and to love is truly to wish someone else their highest good. I believe God knows my highest good and Mr. "C"'s since he created both of us. All of us.

To have the gift of memories is one of the special blessings we are given by those who move on or out of our lives. They are always there in spirit. I believe a breath away. To cherish what was, grieve and give thanks at the same time are special scared lessons.

And so my dear Mr. "C" wherever you are I wish all of God's highest good for your little spirit. I thank you for what you gave me these past year's and trust God's angels, when needed, will appear in another form.

Written by Diane Kirkup 12.2.22 Photo taken off the internet.

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