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A Tribute to Grace

"A tribute to Grace" who passed on and will never be forgotten.

My friend, my mentor my spiritual sister. My dear beloved Grace I think you have the ability now free from this earthly body to see and hear all. I know you are with your beloved Savior Christ. No one I know spoke of loving Him as you did.

Thank you for all your guidance, love and support and I thank you that you will continue to guide my spirit and watch over me. I will call upon you often as I did while you were here to pray for me and I trust your wisdom and strength will be mine for the asking in times of need. I know you are with all those who have passed and especially your beloved husband. I will miss hearing your earthly voice but I am sure I will hear your heavenly voice and that your arms will reach out across time and space to enfold me in your love. I am so grateful our paths crossed all those years ago. I know peace is yours in Christ. You will always be a part of me.

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