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Red - a prominent color for Valentine's Day. A collage from yesterday's photo shoot of my beloved Mr. "C". I told him he would be the subject of my Valentine's message and that I needed an outstanding photo and he came and went and came and went to the window but would not pose for very long. Through patience and persistence I gathered these photos.

Love is so involved, complex, full of joy and also it can bring pain, loss and separation. The latter can cut to the heart of our soul and leave us feeling alone, isolated, sadness over loss and sometimes deeply hurt. For me having the love of Christ in my life is the one steadfast love that never changes, will not abandon me and brings me great joy in knowing I am being cared for and watched over. Guided and loved I move forward each day after being ill for weeks having not left the house since Dec. 9th other than one visit to my Doctor's office. A long hard road back having to be dependent on others to meet so many of my needs, very humbling and emotionally challenging.

If it were not for my faith, those few faithful friends who served me and Mr. "C"'s visits every day I don't know where I would be. I don't want to complain on this day of love but rather celebrate what gifts I have been given through the process to see firsthand how God has provided for me, cared for me and ministered to me through the hearts of others and His Grace. Sometimes love is lonely. I have tried to grow and rise above my deficiencies and judgements and learn to love unconditionally but I still fall short. I accept my humanness.

Can we love ourselves, love others to the very best of our ability and most of all share the love of God and His call upon us as our Creator. May Valentine's bring you not only perhaps flowers, chocolates, someone's hand to hold and peace but most of all the knowledge of God's love and caring.

I believe he sent this bird two years ago to keep me company and he has visited faithfully over these two years but more so these past few weeks when I needed companionship. A living breathing bird to talk to and if I am really quiet I can hear his messages back to my heart. He is indeed a messenger of love.

Written by Diane Kirkup 2/14/22

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